Monday, October 29, 2007

Battery in1913 to 1947

One of the downfalls of the battery electric vehicle was the opening of the electric starter in 1913. It easy the task of starting an internal combustion engine which was previously hard and dangerous to start with the crank handle. Another was the mass-produced and somewhat cheap Ford Model-T. Finally, the loss of Edisons through present electric power transmission system. He was battling with George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla over their desire to introduce alternating present as the principal electricity distribution. Edison's direct current was the weight for electric motors.

Battery electric vehicles were limited to position applications. Forklift trucks were battery exciting vehicles when introduced in 1923. BEV golf carts which were used as locality electric vehicles and were partially "street legal". By the late 1930s, the electric automobile business had disappeared until the invention of the point contact transistor in 1947 which started a new era of electric vehicle.

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