Monday, November 12, 2007

Present Battery Electric Vehicles

At the present time, disagreement reign over battery electric vehicles. Campaigners, (et al) for BEV's are reproving three major US automobile manufacturers of deliberately sabotaging BEV efforts through more than a few methods, for instance, failing to market, failing to produce appropriate vehicles, by failing to satisfy demand and using lease-only programs with prohibitions against end of lease purchase.

In their defense, the three major manufacturers they have responded that they only create what the public want and the recent trend is that the public doesn't want battery electric vehicles.Although we have the technology to manufacture and provide BEVs, one of the largest downfalls for the prolific production of BEVs is the extortionate cost of replacement batteries. In some cases the cost of stand-in batteries can be more than the price of the whole vehicle, especially when buying used battery electric vehicles.

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