Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photographic Printing

Photographic printing is the method of producing a final image for viewing, usually on sensitized paper from a previously prepared photographic negative.

The procedure consists of three major steps, performed in a photographic darkroom or within an automated photo printing machine:

1. Exposure of the picture onto the sensitized paper using a contact printer or enlarger.

2. Processing of the latent image through a more than one step chemical immersion process.

1. Development of the uncovered image.

2. Optionally Stopping improvement by neutralizing, diluting or removing developing agent.

3. Fixing the final print by dissolving remaining unexposed/undeveloped light-sensitive liquid.

4. Washing thoroughly to eliminate chemicals used in processing, protecting the finished print from fading and decay.

3. If finished on glossy paper, ferrotyping to enhance the reflective gloss.

4. Optional Toning of the print through extra chemical processes.

5. Texturing and drying of the finishing print.

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